07 April 2009

How to replace or remove "designed by JoomlArt.com" in joomla 1.5 template

On each template joomla that we use at the bottom or footer of the template certainly have a sentence "designed by ... (blah blah blah)." If one or more of the reasons we want to change or delete or remove the sentence (do not change the original name of its designer with our name, because it violates the Intellectual Property Rights).
By default joomla has a module called footer and I can say that we will search for file related to the footer to edit it.
However, although we search the lines from the first line to the last line, we will not find any sentence of "designed by Joomlart.com". We will just find a sentence "joomla! Is free software ...".
And where on earth is the sentence?
Relax Brother (he.. He .. he ..), the sentence will not be in the "normally" location. After a deep searching (from forum to forum) ... the fact is ... The Location of "designed by Joomlart.com" can be found in folder/file:
templates> ja_ (name_or_the_template)> HTML> mod_footer> default.php
Finally, after we found of its place, just open the "default.php" file with the text editor we love :p. Now it's up to you whether to replaced it (eg: "Managed by ...", "Powered by ..." or just erased.
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Great, it works, Thanks

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